*NEW* Download the SSL Manager v1.3 for Windows application

SSL Manager v1.3 for Windows

Effortless SSL Management, Installation, and Troubleshooting on Windows Servers


Working with SSL certificates on Windows servers can be a challenge. Even the most simple tasks can have you opening up a console and running the certutil command or navigating the MMC Certificate Snap-in. And then there's managing the private keys, intermediate certificates, root certificates and csrs. Not to mention there are no native troubleshooting tools in Windows servers for ssl. It's all confusing and can be very time consuming, even for ssl experts.

The SSL Manager v1.3 was developed to make managing ssl certificates on Windows servers much easier. It's a free, easy-to-use graphical tool that makes dealing with certificates intuitive. No more having to memorize commands or searching for a hard-to-find snap-in. With a simple click, you have simple access to manage your server's ssl certificates including:

  • instant view of all SSL certificates in all stores installed on the Microsoft Windows server
  • detailed view of every certificate
  • creating, renewing and deleting certificates including the private key and csr
  • convert between different formats such as pem, der, p12/pfx, cer/crt, etc
  • code sign your apps, plugins or documents
  • set expiration reminder notices for expiring SSL certificates
  • diagnose SSL certificate installations
  • easily complete pending requests
  • import certificates into any store on the Microsoft Windows server
  • regenerate the csr for any SSL certificate
  • automatically send the new or renewing csr to www.ssl.com to be signed (no more copy and paste)
  • update the Windows server root store with the latest intermediate and root certificates
  • repair damaged or corrupted certificates
  • check to see if a certificate was installed correctly and is trusted
  • display the complete SSL certificate chain that a server is sending to internal or external clients
  • copy SSL certificates between servers, including Windows and Apache servers
  • copy Authenticode or driver signing certificates to other servers
  • edit the certificate's friendly name
  • no console access required
  • many more features!

SSL Manager can create standard, extended validation (ev), multi-subdomain wildcard, and multi-domain unified communications (uc or SANS) certificates.

This tool is brought to you as a courtesy of ssltools.com. There are no catches or requirements. We hope you will find SSL Manager an indispensable part of your web tools collection. Feel free to let us know any thoughts or suggestions on how to make this tool better.