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Use the SSL Checker Tool to find out details about a site's ssl certificate. Webmasters can use this tool to assist in troubleshooting ssl installation.

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SSL Certificate

Common Name : ssl12.ovh.net
Subject Alternative Names : ssl12.ovh.net
Is Wildcard? : false
Is UCC/SAN/Multiple Domain? : false
Has Wildcard in SAN? : false
Issuer Name : AlphaSSL CA - G2
Serial Number : 11:21:c5:1e:ff:2b:76:70:0f:9f:a3:c5:9a:70:98:38:49:e2
SHA1 Thumbprint : C4:8D:B9:CE:81:2D:7F:DC:FB:F9:87:F4:93:41:7D:3A:66:69:5D:FC
Key Length :
Signature Algorithm : sha1WithRSAEncryption
Secure Renegotiation: Supported

This certificate does not use a vulnerable Debian key (this is good)

Correct : Certificate date is valid, valid from May 14 2013 and it expires May 14 2016 (832 days from today)

Incorrect : Certificate Name does not match hostname mygrafiks.be

Subject : ssl12.ovh.net
Valid from May 14 2013 to May 14 2016
Issuer Name : AlphaSSL CA - G2

Subject : AlphaSSL CA - G2
Valid from Apr 13 2011 to Apr 13 2022
Issuer Name : GlobalSign Root CA

Subject : GlobalSign Root CA
Valid from Sep 1 1998 to Jan 28 2028
Issuer Name : GlobalSign Root CA

SSL Certificate is not trusted
The certificate is not signed by a trusted authority (checking against Mozilla's root store). If you bought the certificate from a trusted authority, you probably just need to install one or more Intermediate certificates. Contact your certificate provider for assistance doing this for your server platform.

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